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Sailing Ship
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Sailing Ship


She’s called the Pulcinella and she’s an ancient Norwegian sailing ship dating back to 1927. Made entirely of wood, with red sails and yellow masts, she came to us about thirty years ago, with some little problems. We fell in love with her immediately, partly because of her ancient style and partly because of her dégagé air. Since we love restoring things from the past, we put her in the capable hands of Gallura shipwrights for a painstaking restoration work, and now she’s ready for new sailing adventures.

Pulcinella accompanies you on a day at the beach that harks back to olden times. You should see her, sailing casually between the islands of the La Maddalena Archipelago and the North coast of Gallura, while on board there is only the sound of the sea. These are sensations that are hard to forget.