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If our green resort were a love story, this would be the chapter where the leading man opens his heart and declares his feelings, cooking for the woman he loves, because flavours are feelings, and the chefs at Delphina Hotels and Resorts know this very well. Every day they love to recreate new meat and fish dishes from Sardinian and Mediterranean traditions, as well as a wide variety of delicious surprises, all while dedicating constant attention to our celiac guests.
Cucina da 5 stelle - Resort Valle dell'Erica


It’s rich, it’s tasty and it’s good for the health: it’s our breakfast. Between the sweet croissants and pastries freshly baked by our pastry chefs and the savoury taste of our vast selection of cold cuts, cheeses and protein foods, our breakfast stands out for the healthy freshness of exclusively local products. In addition we offer food and drink for people with food intolerances. What’s more, it’s served on the large verandas of the Nautilus and Les Bouches restaurants, with a view of the archipelago.
Ristoranti vista mare - Resort Valle dell'Erica


A stone’s throw from beaches and bays, our two Beach Bars are convenient and ideal for sipping something fresh or enjoying a light lunch. Here you can find exquisite ice creams, delicious fresh fruit smoothies, colourful cocktails, snacks, sandwiches and cold dishes. The spectacular natural setting, where sky and sea merge, is on us.


Forget the towel, forget the sarong, no flip flops. You can get here by swimming or walking through the water. La Conchiglia is our poolside swim-up bar where you can sip a cold drink or snack. For those who love to enjoy something fresh … but al fresco.


Delphina’s Brunch Mediterraneo® is authentic in-house creativity. It offers a light buffet with a wide variety of hot first courses, pizzas cooked in a wood oven, cold dishes based on cereals, legumes and vegetables, salads, fruit and our pecorino cheeses which are rich in Omega 3. Health and well-being, even when eating.


La cucina del Resort Valle dell'Erica
Ristoranti dedicati ai bambini per le vacanze al Resort Valle dell'Erica

For our little guests at the Mini Club, a restaurant-pizzeria with a wood-burning oven and grill, open for both lunch and dinner. Let’s be honest, not only will we serve your children pizza and delicious French fries but also seasonal vegetables and healthy tasty dishes all under the careful supervision of our dedicated entertainment staff.

Ristoranti dedicati ai bambini per le vacanze al Resort Valle dell'Erica
La cucina del Resort Valle dell'Erica


The Pasta Station is our smart and appetizing idea to indulge in a delicious plate of pasta by the pool, in total relaxation. For a light Mediterranean lunch that doesn’t interrupt a day of sun and sea.


Every day the Valle dell’Erica confectioners create the pastries that you enjoy at breakfast and the desserts that close the evening menus of all our restaurants, to surprise you with sweetness.
Cucina da 5 stelle - Resort Valle dell'Erica
Aperitivo in spiaggia - Resort Valle dell'Erica


Summer is the time for rest but not for our legendary barmen who are always ready to amaze you with alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, served with delicious Sardinian olives, tapas and other appetizers. The suggestive setting is on the house, and we can assure you that finding something better is no easy task.

La cucina del Resort Valle dell'Erica
Aperitivo in spiaggia - Resort Valle dell'Erica
La cucina del Resort Valle dell'Erica


Spoiling you with the flavours and tastes of authentic Gallura cuisine is a great source of pride for us, yet something which also drives us to always do better. Hot appetizers and genuine cold cuts from the inland areas, traditionally prepared first courses, grilled meat, local cheeses and typical desserts from Gallura. Delicious typical products to be accompanied with a glass of wine, perhaps a Cannonau di Sardegna, rich in natural antioxidants and with twice as many polyphenols as other wines.


Imagine a romantic dinner with bare feet on the sand, in one of the resort’s small bays. Your table has its own light, the waves of the sea near your feet and the starry sky above you. It is the Li Zini restaurant: a rare privilege. The menu always surprises with culinary ideas depending on the catch of the day, shellfish barbecues and delicious seafood specialities. Meanwhile, our sommelier suggests the right vintage from a selection of fine wines. Opening subject to weather conditions.

Romantico ed esclusivo ristorante sulla spiaggia al Resort Valle dell'Erica
Romantico ed esclusivo ristorante sulla spiaggia al Resort Valle dell'Erica


The Valle Dell’Erica resort cares about the well-being of celiac guests, and has always reserved gluten-free menus for them. Thanks to the training courses certified by the Italian Celiac Association, our Chefs create gluten-free dishes that are rich in flavour. For a holiday in serenity and all to be enjoyed.


Nautilus, the best grilled meat and fish

Les Bouches, sophisticated dishes and little culinary delights

Li Zini, lobsters and shellfish in a bay by the sea

Li Ciusoni, the best of traditional Sardinian and Gallura cuisine

Il Grecale, a suggestive terrace and a skilful mix of international cuisine and creative interpretations by the Chef

La Prua, candlelit dinners and revisited Mediterranean cuisine

La cucina del Resort Valle dell'Erica