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The Park

The Park


What we can tell you about our park is simple: it is a vast garden overlooking the sea. But don’t be deceived by the word garden, there’s nothing artificial or man-made that has changed its appearance. Instead it is the fabulous story of Nature in its most flawless and unspoilt form. Don’t expect the elegance of a French garden or the geometric perfection of an English park, rather, there are delicate shrubs intertwined with wild broom, blocks of granite and a few lazy geckos relaxing in the sun.
Walking along the paths in our park, you will come across unexpected panoramic views and unique glimpses of the sea. Keeping you company are mastic, myrtle, helichrysum and strawberry trees that colour the green maquis red. Relaxation gives way to an unusual sense of freedom, between bays overlooking the sea and the islands of Spargi and La Maddalena as a natural backdrop. Twenty-eight hectares mean you can walk in a different space every day, see different viewpoints and enjoy all the privacy you could wish for.

The evening breeze arrives. Before your eyes, the sea takes on an intense blue colour, aquatic birds take flight and the heather plants begin to sway. Some guests like to come back for an aperitif while others like to enjoy the last remnants of a dying sun. Lovers climb the Rupe dei Desideri, or Rock of Desires in silence, and they are enchanted. The soundtrack is just the gentle swish of the waves.