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Experience the fairy tale of the little mermaid at Valle dell’Erica

Experience the fairy tale of the little Mermaid at Valle dell’Erica

It has smashed box offices worldwide and made children of all ages dream: The Little Mermaid has long left Andersen’s fairy tale world to come alive in the crystal-clear waters of Northern Sardinia.

“The water is the bluest I’ve ever seen, and the rock formations are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. We discovered Sardinia in our dreams before going there,” declared John Myhre, the set designer of Disney’s new live-action film “The Little Mermaid.”

A landscape of wild beauty that, after enchanting the Hollywood cast and crew of Walt Disney’s live-action film, has left the whole world breathless: Mermaid Rock, Ariel’s beach, the castle. All locations to discover along the coast between Santa Teresa Gallura and Castelsardo, close to the Valle dell’Erica Resort.

Mermaid magic: a touch of “Mermaid magic” at Valle dell’Erica Resort

Beauty programs at the Thalasso & SPA Le Thermae center, leisure activities for the little ones, and even a new adventurous boat excursion: more reasons to enjoy a vacation at the Valle dell’Erica Resort, a 5-star establishment in Santa Teresa Gallura, overlooking the International Park of the Strait of Bonifacio, surrounded by unique nature that has contributed to winning the award for the best green resort in Europe for 4 consecutive years at the World Travel Awards.

“From the beach where Ariel emerges to Eric’s castle to the underwater world where her original family lives, Sardinia’s immense natural treasure is revealed: 3 national parks covering about 30,000 hectares, five protected marine areas, and 128 ‘Natura 2000’ sites, some of which are celebrated by UNESCO,” says Nevina Satta, CEO of the Sardinia Film Commission Foundation, who assisted the production.

boat excursion departing from the resort

To immerse yourself in the world created by the new Disney film and explore the picturesque sandy beaches, the natural rocky cliffs, and the blue and shimmering waters featured in the movie, the resort offers a whole day aboard an inflatable boat, a journey worthy of Captain Eric, departing directly from the Valle dell’Erica Resort. The tour includes visits to many locations where scenes from the film were shot, including Capo Testa, Ariel’s beach at Rena Majore, the Mermaid Rock at Rena di Matteu, and the castle at Monti Russu.

wellness treatments born from the sea at the thalasso & spa center

With its 1600 sqm dedicated to wellness and relaxation, the Le Thermae Center, specialized in thalassotherapy, has packaged wellness programs “The Little Mermaid Signature” and “In the Footsteps of the Little Mermaid.” The first is designed to discover the fantastic world in a warm embrace of seawater with a relaxing water therapy treatment. The journey then continues to rejuvenate the face with a Sardinian Lift treatment and exfoliate the body with a sea salt and mud scrub, followed by relaxing the mind and body with the warm sand and precious essences of Gallura. The second is designed for a gentle awakening in warm seawater with gentle exercise, followed by feeling the scents of Sardinia on the skin with a scrub and revitalizing massage using typical island plants and essences.

the magic of the little mermaid for the little ones

Visiting the Mini Club at the Valle dell’Erica Resort also means being amazed by a mermaid who emerges from the sea right in front of the children’s eyes, waving her tail. And for the sweetest moments, tail-shaped cookies that they can decorate with colored icing. To conclude the day, songs and dances together with Triton and the Little Mermaid. And still, costumes, braided hair, and marine-themed nail polish to make them feel like mermaids for a night.